What is Digital Marketing after all?

Digital marketing is the most exciting, the weirdest and at the same time the most difficult job in the world. It is either digital, and marketing but it is not only digital nor only marketing. So what is digital marketing after all?

Just google it and you would find lots of definitions for digital marketing. However, we are not going to repeat the same words, so let’s put aside all our previous knowledge for some minutes and look at it from a new point of view.

Digital Marketing means either digital and marketing

Doesn’t need any further discussion. It is digital and marketing at a same time. That simple!

That simple? Let’s take a deeper look.

digital marketing

I’m going digital!

Digital is used for anything that works with digits. It is the opposite of analog. By digital, we mean any device or gadget that operate with digits. These devices understand only two things: 1 & 0

In the past, digital would only refer to computers. Eventually, cameras, phones, TVs, cars and many other things made their way to the digital world. Nowadays, almost everything has a digital version along.

If you are familiar with electronic and computer science, you know well enough that digital is logical. Machines only understand logic. Everything is either 1 or 0. White or black. That’s all!

So digital is a logical science which is a subset of engineering. Digital operates with the left side of your brain. Everything should be measurable and monitorable. No other options!

digital marketing

Marketing: look, feel, embrace!

It is all the operations done before starting a business from market research, etc. and it comes along until the very end of customers journey which is gaining their loyalty. Marketing is like a soul which flows in all business sections and operations. If we don’t feel it then that’s another argument!

Marketing is a subset of liberal arts. Unlike science, art deals with human soul and emotions. Of course there are some rules, but nothing is definite here. Marketing is also like that. We don’t have a certain formula for success in sales. There is no 1 or 0, and no pure black and white. There is all spectrum, grey. If we don’t use the right side of our brain for marketing, we won’t find or make any markets!

digital marketing

Digital marketing is the mixture of soul and flesh!

From what we said earlier, it got clear that DM is a mixture of both digital and marketing. Digital Marketing is marketing with digital means. Therefore, DM is either emotional and logical. It deals with the both sides of the brain at once. It is either soul and the flesh.

These characteristics make DM the most exciting, the weirdest and at the same time the most difficult job in the world. To be a successful digital marketer, you need to know marketing and have experience with digital. You should be logical yet emotional. In one word, you should be a prodigy.

Where to start?

If you are a marketer and you are familiar with liberal arts, you should begin with digital. Work with digital means and get on well with computers and mobile phones.

If you are a computer and internet geek, you should start with marketing. Study the 4 marketing principles, the customer persona and its journey, and overall you should become an artist.

Never forget working with Google search console and analytics, browsing the social media and using display ads won’t make you a digital marketer. DM soul is the marketing art. Always keep in mind, a flesh without a soul is a dead body and a soul without a flesh worth nothing.

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